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"Living Information Forms Energy"

​A Biofeedback Stress Management Technology
Computerized Digital Vibrational Medicine. Detect, analyze and treat your stressors using advanced biofeedback. The medicine of the future is here today.

L.I.F.E. System is an evoked potential biofeedback device used in achieving Stress Management, Energetic Harmony and Balance.  

An evoked potential biofeedback device records subtle, “reactive”, informational “stress potentials”, through a digital biofeedback process. The computer evaluates over 6500 responses, and then challenges the individual with that information by feeding it back to the client. 
This process assists the body’s own natural defense mechanisms by encouraging energetic balance and harmony. LIFE is a global state of the art biofeedback device that detects stressors in the body, analyzes the information at biological speeds, and feeds that information back to the body so that blocks to healing can be removed.  

Imagine if you could go to your doctor, sit for an hour in a comfortable chair where you are hooked up to some highly sophisticated electronic equipment, and then receive a detailed assessment of your health status. Sounds far-fetched? Perhaps, but thousands of progressive practitioners around the world are already providing this service. Not only can these practitioners provide an in-depth health assessment, but they can also treat these stressors on the spot with electrical impulses
Hook Up:
A session with the LIFE involves electrodes being attached by wires to the ankles, wrists, and around the head. These measure and feed frequency information between the device and client.  

Options for sessions include:
Initial Assessment/Balancing and Biofeedback about 1 1/2 hours $125
Full Treatment (after initial assessment) - 1 hour $85 
Pay for 3 full treatments in advance $250
Pay for 5 full treatments in advance $400
Pay for 1 year of monthly treatments $900
Refer 5 and receive a bonus treatment FREE

Stress Reduction through:
Meridian Balancing
Spinal Balancing
Organ Balancing
Nutritional Testing & Balancing
Dental & TMJ Therapy
Cosmetic Therapies
Homeopathics and Flower Essences
Brainwave Balance
Zap Parasites, Worms, Bacteria, viruses
Hormone Balance
Color Therapy
Chakra Balancing
Reactivity Testing
Pain Therapy
Gemstone Therapy
Sports & Injury
Emotional & Mental Balancing
Individual Reaction Feedback
many others. 

"I experienced the inflammation and numbness being alleviated in my arm and hand due to 1 treatment.” Karen – Nutritionist

“It totally blasted my sinus, lung and ear infection out of my body and my energy level jumped way up. Instead of crashing at 2 pm I was just fine. I am sleeping 6-8 hours instead of 12-18 after 5 treatments.” Susan—Teacher 

“I can sleep through the night now...I haven’t done that in years” Freddy —Rancher & Roping Champion

“It’s a Magic Machine, I feel so much better!” Fax —Photographer

“Amazing! it’s like seeing 10 healthcare practitioners at once!” Bell - Chef

After the Treatment:

Now that your stressors are reduced, you will want to look at the way you are living your life. If you continue doing the same things you can expect the same results. Is that what you want? As a student of Roger Cotting’s Forever Living and Wisdom of the Body Philosophy, Juhl is well skilled to guide and educate you in changes in lifestyle that you may want to make to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.
Our greatest struggles reveal our finest assets!! Lets find out what your greatest assets are!!

*no health claims are made