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I stayed at Papalani Farm for two weeks with my friends and we were really impressed with the healing massages that Juhl offered. She really knows what she is doing!  During the massage I had an experience that changed my life and I would like to share this.

I have an ongoing issue with my back and hip and I was in a state of mind where I was keeping my muscles relaxed so she could get deeply into the muscles. Suddenly I heard whales calling from the music in the background. The sound pierced my consciousness and I remember calling out “The whales are talking to me!”. I felt a bubbling in my chest and as the bubbling increased I started giggling. I couldn’t stop giggling. Then I took a very deep breath and on the release of that I was sobbing. Deep gulping sobs. I could still hear the whales, but I was feeling like I should try to stop sobbing – and Juhl said “Let it go” . . . and I did.  In about ten minutes I stopped and just felt a profound wonder. . . and joy.  

After the massage, Juhl and I talked about it and I asked about the music – it was a CD of healing sounds and she had never noticed the whale sounds before.  A few days later I received another massage and as Juhl reached my hip area it happened again.  This time I just giggled. . . and felt a profound peace come over me. My giggling stopped as she moved on to my legs; the whales were gone. Then, astonished, I heard the whales call again each time she came back to my hip area. Juhl and I both laughed with tears in our eyes. 

After the massage she told me she had used music from Pandora this time. . . . and the whales still came!

Massage : May include aromatherapy, Swedish, Russian, lomilomi, 
acupressure & reflexology                                               55 min  $90                                                                                       85 min  $130
Pohaku Wela (hotrock)                                                  75 min  $130
Reflexology                                                                   30 min  $75
Reiki (ancient healing art using subtle energies)                 50 min  $80

Alli Accutonics: Sound healing with precision calibrated tuning forks which are attuned to the planetary frequencies. Applied to the body to bring the body into balance. This new field of harmonic medicine is extremely pleasureable, effective and transformational: promoting healing and inner harmony. Full alignment 50 min $90

Raindrop Therapy: This combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of massage in the application of essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. Used to help straighten spinal curvatures and fight against viruses.                                 50 min $90

LIFE Vibrational Medicine: Computerized Digital Vibrational Medicine. Detect, analyze and treat your stressors using advanced biofeedback. First session                                       1 1/4 hours $125 Follow Ups 1 hour $75

TheraSauna: Far-Infrared Sauna. Complimentary with any above bodywork or                                        $20/session without bodywork.

Massage & Bodywork
for Guests of PapaLani Farm

(808)  937-3013
Hawaii Standard Time

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88 - 1658 Mamalahoa Hwy 
 Captain Cook HI 96704
 Big Island of Hawaii